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HID Lights

Prior to the Iron Butt 5000, I replaced my PIAA 910 lights with Future Vision 4G HID lights (replaced by the 90MM HID lights).  The photos below were taken as a quick check on brightness after installing the 4G's.  I wish I had done a photo with the PIAA's before removing them, but I think the Low Beam Only photo was about what it would have looked like.  In all the photos, my lower cowl running lights (quartz bulbs) are also on.  I'll try to remember to get clearer photos this spring when the snow melts.

I love the 4G's as they are essentially instant on HIDs.  The first time they are turned on each evening, there is a 2-3 second warm up in brightness.  But after that they are instant on.  I have a three way switch to have the HIDs activate either on their own or when I turn on the high beams.  One minor issue I have with these HID is that on very bumpy roads, the arc fades and restarts with the big bumps.  So, the brightness droops a little.  I have not found it to be a big issue as those are the roads I slow down for anyway.  The other minor issue is that the light pattern is round.  I should have ordered an oval, or point, pattern because some of the HID light hits the ground where my other lights are shining already.  This is sort of a waste of light.  It should be pushing way out there instead of hitting the ground just in front of the bike.  Just my opinion.


Low Beams Only Low and High Beams Low and High Pointed Higher Low, High, and HID Lights
HID Lights from Front HID Lights from Behind HID Lights from Side
PIAA 910 from Front PIAA 910 from Behind

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