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Jay's First Saddle Sore 1000


In June 2006, we just had to have a Moonburger from this little country store in Moonshine, Illinois.  So, the plan was hatched to drive 450 miles for lunch!  Since the total trip would be soooooo close to 1,000 miles, Jay Rentmeester and I decided to mold the trip into his first Saddlesore 1000.


As a footnote, later that summer I submitted my paperwork then eventually received my certification and award from the IBA.  Unfortunately, as of today, Jay still has not submitted his paperwork for the ride.  Feel free to drop him an email to egg him on to finish what he started.  I keep ribbing him that a lot of people claim they rode 1000 miles in 24 hours, but if you can't prove it, it doesn't mean squat.

I get visitors from all over the world and I like to hear comments.  Please drop me a note on what you found interesting on my Feedback Page.

Moon Burgers

Moonshine, Illinois


Here's and his wing.

Moon Burgers

Moonshine, Illinois


That's me and the new Roadcrafter suit.




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