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Favorite Photos

On this page, I have included a few of the past photographs that I consider among the better photos I have taken.  I picked them because they are not the typical motorcycle photo, because they have a bit of a story to them, or just because they remind me of being on the road again.

Please leave a note from my Feedback Page if you found these interesting, or even if you think they are pretty darn useless.

If they are going to call me crazy, I might just as well give them a reason.


One of the numerous tunnels on the Blue Ridge Parkway.

"Windy in Nevada"  was the winner of "Most Unusual Photo" in the God Bless America Tour.

12,200 feet in Rocky Mountain National Park

Don't "go" in the woods here, you could pollute two oceans.

Alone on top of the world.  14,110 feet

The second most commented on photo in my collection.

Taking a break on my Harley in northern California

One of my favorite spots, Brockway Mountain at the tip of the Keweenaw Peninsula in Upper Michigan.


Riding the grated lane of the Mackinaw Bridge (hirez).  Warning: This file is large.

Same Mackinaw Bridge video, just in slightly lower resolution to keep the file much smaller.  


This is my cockpit setup in rally-mode prior to the Iron Butt 5000











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