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Here are a few links that I use on a regular basis.  There is a bit of diversity here, but that's me, diverse interests.

bullet Coast to Coast AM
bullet If you get around my site, you will see that I have a passing interest in aliens, paranormal events, and some of the fringe physics.  I consider myself a skeptic wanting to believe in this "stuff".  The problem is that I am an engineer also wanting to figure it out.  In the meantime, I try to have fun with it.  I try all I can to keep an open mind, but so often I am disappointed when I search to the core of an issue.
Coast to Coast AM is a fun radio show.  This is Art Bell's midnight talk show.  Well, Art is on the radio on the weekends and George Noorey is on during the week nights.  Both are great host as they allow almost all callers room to voice their opinions, no matter how far out it may seem.  I am a streamlink subscriber too, so I download past shows in MP3 format and listen to them at my leisure.

Weather Underground
bullet Way better weather than the weather channel.  Here's the link to my hometown.

NPR Science Friday
bullet Whatever you have to say about NPR and their total liberal slant, Science Friday makes up for it all.  If you are interested in things around you and how they work, listen in.




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